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Bug#988140: Probably broken code example in installation-guide Appendix B.5 (Running custom commands)

Source: installation-guide
Severity: normal
X-Debbugs-CC: sthibault@debian.org

I received a user report that
provides an incorrect code example:

# This command is run immediately before the partitioner starts. It may be
# useful to apply dynamic partitioner preseeding that depends on the state
# of the disks (which may not be visible when preseed/early_command runs).
#d-i partman/early_command \
#       string debconf-set partman-auto/disk "$(list-devices disk | head -n1)"

The reporter claims that the $ sign should be escaped, like:

#d-i partman/early_command \
#    string debconf-set partman-auto/disk "\$(list-devices disk | head -n1)"

Since I am not familiar with d-i and preseed at all, please verify whether
this makes sense. If this is a problem, it exists in the installation-guide of
both Debian Buster and Debian Bullseye. If it's not, please feel free to close
this bug report.

Boyuan Yang

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