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Bug#987845: hardwired proxy settings by debian-installer with network-auto-config in proxy-auto-config network

=- Geert Stappers wrote on Fri 30.Apr'21 at 22:04:09 +0200 -=

> On Fri, Apr 30, 2021 at 09:25:47PM +0200, Rado Q wrote:
> > Installation network setup was auto-configured while the system was
> > in a network with proxy-auto-config active.
> > 
> > Expectation:
> > when choosing auto-configure-network during installation, the
> > resulting system should be operative in every foreign environment.
> > (think of notebook in roaming use)
> > 
> > Result:
> > applications strictly following those hardwired configs can't operate
> > outside the original installation network, where the given proxy exists,
> > but nowhere else. PAC results during installation shouldn't be
> > 'hardwired' into the system to last when moving to another network.
> Acknowledge on the problem.
> Which possible solutions do we see?

How about having a boot process check for the network strategy
(fixed or dhcp), and if dhcp, let it discover the proxy by WPAD/PAC
and store it in /var/run, and have general config include it from
there, if it exists, like:


if [ -s "$DYNPROXYCFG" ]

Everything else not respecting those http_proxy vars would need
similar stuff. APT seems to have its own PAC features, which could/
should be used instead of storing fixed values, or use the same as
above (if APT/itude works with those http_proxy vars).


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