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Re: fonts-lklug-sinhala: Stop creating udeb


Hideki Yamane <henrich@iijmio-mail.jp> (2021-05-01):
> On Sun, 25 Apr 2021 13:31:38 +0200
> Cyril Brulebois <kibi@debian.org> wrote:
> > In hindsight, we have this bug report: #987449 where Sinhala is
> > mentioned as one language where the installer regresses.
> > 
> > We have yet to figure out what's happening, but maybe you could delay
> > the deletion a little, just in case the old udeb is still needed on the
> > long run?
> > 
> > Thanks for considering, and sorry for the false start.
>  Ouch, already did it.
>  It's in unstable without unblock, you can safely ignore it.

Oh, I forgot to put you in the loop. We're currently hunting down a
regression in pango causing various issues; it's unlikely to be directly
font-related, so no worries! :)


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