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Humble suggestion for AMD GPUs problem

Hi.  I have been reading these threads about AMD GPUs failing and giving black
or distorted screens at boot.  I am writing here to drop an idea.  I
hope this helps,
if not, just forget it. :)

Could you make the system detect the unsuccessful boot failing to load
the graphical desktop interface, for example memory consumption is not rising
or some process initiated at a late stage has not loaded
after some seconds/minutes?  Then, if you can check for this, you could make
the system reload the graphical interface with the GPU disabled, only using
the CPU and then show the user a warning stating that his GPU is not working
and that he needs to download firmware X to get it working.

Well, I don't know if this is possible/feasible.  It just came to my
mind because
my PCs depend mostly on the CPU (no GPU) to do all the work.  I thought that
if the old ones could do it, then the new ones could surely do it too.

Again, I hope this helps.

Have a good day.

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