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Re: serial console install issues

On 11/04/21 9:26 pm, Samuel Thibault wrote:
Richard Hector, le dim. 11 avril 2021 21:18:49 +1200, a ecrit:
On 11/04/21 9:10 pm, Samuel Thibault wrote:
> $ git grep -i "Boot console" .
> en/boot-installer/parameters.xml:  <title>Boot console</title>
> po/[...]
> > That's very most probably it.

I think so, yes. But my problems started earlier than booting linux, at the
SysLinux menu.

See the section, it talks about kernel arguments, which are passed from
the syslinux menu. See the section just before, "Boot Parameters".


It's becoming clear that I asked/commented/complained about too many things in one email :-)

I got the hang of the boot parameters, though that section doesn't mention removing the 'vga=xxx' section from the linux command line. I'm not sure if that's important; I'll have to retest to confirm.

But all that's irrelevant if I can't get to the linux commandline, because Syslinux is misbehaving.

Does anyone know if it's inherent in Syslinux that it won't work correctly with a 24-line serial terminal? Or if it's configured/patched to use a 24-line terminal, it won't work with a 25-line one? If that issue can be fixed, great. If not, perhaps an appendix dedicated to serial console issues (covering more than kernel boot parameters) is needed.


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