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Bug#985696: debian-installer: Speech synthesis and Intel SOF firmware


Arnaud Rebillout, le lun. 22 mars 2021 17:30:30 +0700, a ecrit:
> some recent Intel sound cards require a firmware to work.

Ah. So these should be getting supported by the firmware-enabled image
of Debian:

> And so on. I don't know if there's a timeout,

There is a long 1 minute timeout yes.

> I thought I could customize the ISO and add the firmware under the
> '/firmware' directory, but it's not that easy. The step that probes
> for sound cards is done in the initrd.

Yes, that has to be there since we want speech before the first menu
appears, and non-initrd stuff is not available at that point.

> I don't have a solution to propose, I am merely reporting the issue in
> case it's not a known issue yet.

It wasn't known so far.

So the concern is that currently the firmware-looking code doesn't
happen soon enough, we'd need to run before the first menu for the
speech synthesis to be able to synth it.


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