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Bug#985119: debian-installer: shared-mime-info installed for no apparent reason


Witold Baryluk, le sam. 13 mars 2021 00:36:59 +0000, a ecrit:
> I just used the daily netinst for testing on arm64 in qemu.

> what dependss on shared-mime-info that it was installed in the first
> place?

On qemu, the hwdetect package installs qemu-guest-agent, which depends
on libglib2.0-0, which recommends shared-mime-info.

> the only reason libicu67 was installed is due to
> shared-mime-info. That grows the default install by about 10%!).

Possibly libglib2.0-0's shared-mime-info could be downgraded to
Suggests, Cc-ing glib2.0 maintainers about it.


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