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Bug#983653: task-japanese-gnome-desktop: no Japanese input method available out of the box


On Mon, Mar 1, 2021 at 7:51 PM Holger Wansing <hwansing@mailbox.org> wrote:
> May I ask how that interacts with the uim framework?
> We currently have
>         Recommends:
>                 [...]
>                 uim,
>                 uim-mozc | uim-anthy,
> in task-japanese-desktop, so if you now add ibus-mozc | ibus-anthy to
> task-japanese-gnome-desktop, we will have both, uim-mozc and ibus-mozc installed
> on a Gnome system.


> Is that ok? Or does that cause any harm/conflict/what ever?

This is ok. "im-config" package deals with such an IM framework selection.
When ibus and uim are both installed, ibus is preferred and used by default.
(The selection can be changed by user choice.)
Then no input method in ibus framework is currently installed,
so its user cannot type Japanese text out of the box.

YOSHINO Yoshihito <yy.y.ja.jp@gmail.com>

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