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Re: Installing Debian Buster on Cubox-i4 with eSATA drive.

On 2021-01-27, Rick Thomas wrote:
> I'm trying to install Debian Buster [1] on my Cubox-i4P with an eSATA
> drive. Everything seems to be fine, but when it comes time to reboot,
> it boots into the installer again, rather than the installed system.
> Here's what I did, and what I observed:
> *) I downloaded the two parts of the SDcard install image from [1] and followed the instructions in the README to create a 4GB (I didn't have anything smaller) SDcard installer.
> *) I connected the eSATA disk and plugged the SDcard into the Cubox and powered it up.
> *) It booted off the SD-card into the installer as expected.
> *) But when the reboot happened, I found myself back in the installer.
> *) I tried removing the SDcard and rebooting, but it failed to boot -- after power-on nothing happened.

> What I hoped would happen with the eSATA drive was that the installer
> would write the boot firmware (u-boot, etc) to the SDcard, and
> configure it to get /boot, root, /home, swap off the eSATA.

U-boot can only be loaded from microSD on that platform, as far as I'm

You can use the bootloader from the installer image, just delete the
boot.scr and/or extlinux.conf from the partition on the installer image,
or make another partition on the microSD card, and mark it bootable, but
don't put anything on it. Then u-boot should fall back to loading the
kernel+initrd+device-tree off of the eSATA.

If you interrupt the boot process and get to a u-boot prompt, you should
be able to see the order of devices u-boot tries to boot from with:

  printenv boot_targets

Now that bullseye is in the early phases of freeze, please consider
testing bullseye, too, if you can! :)

live well,

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