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Bug#980528: debian-installer: net-install impossible because link is always reset

    Not noticing humor, is no proof for the absence of humor.

On Thu, Jan 21, 2021 at 04:40:14PM +0000, etkaar wrote:
> Good evening,
> after some testing it seems that I am just a very stupid person.

Mmm,  one of my motivators for working on libre software projects
is collaborating with smart people.
I'm willing to lower the bar to "people who can think for themselfs"
After all is the idea of "I could be stupid" just brilant.

> The reason, why the interface is always down is - after I had a look
> into the source code of netcfg - that is simply fails *and*, before
> it fails, netcfg would always reset the link, remove any routes and
> ip addresses. At least that is what I assume.
> But why can I manually configure the network? Because I used the onlink flag:
> # ip link set ens1 up
> # ip addr add dev ens1
> # ip route add default via dev ens1 >>>onlink<<<
> "onlink: pretend that the nexthop is directly attached to this link,
> even if it does not match any interface prefix."
> https://linux.die.net/man/8/ip
> The /29 subnet actually does not exist on the host; in reality,
> it is a /24 subnet. While /etc/network/interfaces in the installed
> Debian system itself would be aware of whatever it is aware of - I
> just don't know - and automatically will configure the route using the
> onlink tag, in the debian installer that is not possible. It seems the
> only correct way would have been to configure the network with the /24
> notation and the according netmask, which makes sense,
> because working with a /29 notation using MacVTap and VEPA does not
> make much sense for me if the subnet is configured as /24 on the host.

"netmask" is a layer 3 thingy.  My gutfeeling says the problem is
at layer 2, where "link" happens.
> However, I am not well-educated when it comes to networking at all. I
> think my assumptions are right, but if the debian installer should
> be aware of that (like the final Debian installation is), we should
> leave that issue open.

Message for those who encounter simular problem:
  Please express your observations.

My observation:
  An address like _._.8.1 is never in same network as _._.8.243/29

Geert Stappers
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