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Re: Pulling free firmware-ath9k-htc into the CD images

On Thursday, December 31, 2020 10:53:30 AM EST Steve McIntyre wrote:
> Right. I'm more asking whether it's useful to try and pull this in for
> all arches, or just for amd64 / i386 for now.
I guess the majority of users are on amd64/i386 systems, but as the firmware
is for USB devices it would be useful for all of them, including, say,
Raspberry Pi users wanting to minimize use of proprietary firmware.

> There's not much point having the firmware available if the
> kernel isn't going to look for it AFAICS?
Actually with my draft udeb, it just uses the same workaround to find
the firmware as it does on the installed system, by setting the appropriate
option via a modprobe configuration file. It really should be as simple as
pulling in the udeb into the images:

Assuming the freeze doesn't get in the way, this will probably need to go
through NEW and might be able to be merged in that way.

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