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Bug#971599: Provide more options to 'cryptsetup luksFormat' at install time

Package: partman-crypto
Version: 109
Severity: wishlist
Tags: patch

Most users should be fine with the options to
'cryptsetup luksFormat' used by the installer.

However, some users may have reasons to use
other options, and that is not possible now.

Let's provide a new preseed option for that:



Test steps on Debian bullseye ISO (alpha 2, march 16)

Example to use LUKS1 instead of LUKS2 (default):


1) Proceed until partitioning disks, then select go back, and exit to shell.
2) Install test package:
~ # wget
~ # udpkg -i partman-crypto_110_amd64.udeb
~ # exit
3) Set debconf priority to low.
4) Return to partitioning disks.
5) Select guided partitioning, use encrypted disk and setup LVM,
finish partitioning.
6) Exit to shell again to verify LUKS header version.


1) Default / option is not specified:

~ # debconf-get partman-crypto/luksformat_options

~ # cryptsetup luksDump /dev/vda5 | grep Version:
Version:        2

2) New / option is specified in preseed file:

d-i partman-crypto/luksformat_options string \
    --type luks1

~ # debconf-get partman-crypto/luksformat_options
--type luks1

~ # cryptsetup luksDump /dev/vda5 | grep Version:
Version:        1

$ grep luksFormat /var/log/partman
/usr/bin/autopartition-crypto: Additional options for luksFormat: '--type luks1'

Reference: LP#1898129

Mauricio Faria de Oliveira

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