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can't unlock disk on reboot after clean install


I installed Debian 10 RC1 in a QEMU/KVM virtual machine on my Fedora 29 laptop using 'Virtual Machine Manager' -- I overwrote a previously-working Debian 9 test VM.

I installed from debian-buster-DI-rc1-amd64-netinst.iso. I chose the first listed kernel (which had a number defining it, 4.18.something, not the second choice which had no numerical designation). I used the partitioner and accepted defaults to create encrypted LVM setup (boot is not encrypted, only / and swap on the encrypted LVM). After finishing the install I rebooted the newly-installed system which shows grub and boots to the prompt to unlock the disk -- but it will not unlock.

If I drop to a shell I can test the keyboard map is correct -- I'm typing the right characters.

If I boot gparted-live ISO I am able to unlock the encrypted disk that the Debian 10 RC1 installer created using the expected password!

Is there any test you'd like me to try? Or more info I can provide? I am doubting myself because clearly many people would have tested this scenario -- yet it does not seem to be a known issue.

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