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Fwd: Question on debian-installer


I am trying to use debian on an embedded system that does not have a CD. I have used the debian CD image as a starting point and packed the CD contents in initrd and rebuild a bootable ISO that has the installer. 

I have created a preseed file to enable autoinstall. Auto-install fails at step 13 - Configure the package manager [*]. 
I am unable to bypass that - it fails with code 10 in 50mirror script invoked by apt-setup from main-menu
  relevant log:
              # apt-setup: /usr/lib/apt-setup/generators/50mirror backed up
             # INFO: Menu item 'apt-setup-udeb' succeeded but requested to be left unconfigured.

if I change 50mirror to return 0 and proceed manually, then step 14 fails (install). My cd contents are in /cdrom directory

Once step 13 fails in autoinstall step, if I execute step #15 (install grub) (skipping 13 and 14), then grub installs fine and I can reboot the system and it comes up. 

Is there a way that in installer I can skip 13 and 14? Or a better way that I can do this correctly?

Any general pointers on how I make progress on this? I cannot use net-boot (remote mirror) and need to embed the required packages on the iso that I am installing from (the iso will be downloaded and installed over the network). Any other recommendations if I am not approaching this in the debian way?


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