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Intel X553 NICs/ixgbe netinstall issues

Target systems have A2SDi-8C-HLN4F motherboards each with 4 no. Intel
x553 NICs.

The stable netinstall ixgbe module does not load the interfaces, even
when modprobed by hand.

Buster netinstall 20190429-03:57 works fine. However I can't find a way
of downgrading the installation to "stable", as suggested at


I've tried expert mode in both console and graphical mode.

I'm not sure if the inability to downgrade the installation is a bug or
policy. If the former I'm happy to report it.

Tips on compiling the ixgbe module for stable on a machine with only a
BMC and no NICs gratefully received; else how to downgrade a testing
netinstall to stable.

Thanks very much

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