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Bug#915830: busybox: cp: failed to access '/var/tmp/mkinitramfs_h8da2B//usr/bin/busybox': Too many levels of symbolic links

On 07/12/2018 12:27, Chris Lamb wrote:
> tags 915830 + moreinfo
> severity 915830 normal
> thanks
> Chris Lamb wrote:
>> Well, I did attempt a usrmerge on this system; did it perhaps break
>> halfway through?
> Purging and re-installing busybox fixed this for me; shall I close
> this bug?
> (Downgrading and tagging for now...)

Hi Chris,

Well your symlink in /bin was dated 2018-11-26 17:23. If that sounds
like the sort of time you attempted a usrmerge (and it failed) then I'd
say the fingers point towards that indeed.

Your purge/reinstall could well fix it, just double-check you haven't
ended up with *both* /bin/busybox and /usr/bin/busybox. You should have
only the former and should be able to safely remove /usr/bin/busybox,
assuming /bin/busybox is not a symlink anymore.

Best regards,

Chris Boot

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