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Bug#915825: [G-I] installer completely broken for Gujarati, missing font

Quoting Holger Wansing (2018-12-07 08:39:23)
> With commit 
> "Replace ttf-freefont-udeb by fonts-freefont-udeb as the former has been
> removed from unstable (and thus testing)." under
> https://salsa.debian.org/installer-team/debian-installer/commit/94507f32b36ce050a3f45777b75dce793db3e614
> things changed for fonts apparently.
> Gujarati is no longer usable, all glyphs are replaced by TOFU placeholder
> signs.
> Jonas Smedegaard proposed to switch to noto-fonts as an alternative. 
> He uploaded a new version of that udeb to unstable just some days ago, 
> thus it is only in unstable ATM.
> So I tried that and built a netboot-gtk image locally with this patch 
> implemented and with the noto-fonts-unhinted-udeb as a localudeb:
> And this brings Gujarati back to the G-I.
> That leads to the assumption, that the gu glyphs seem to be missing in 
> the new fonts-freefont package.

Please file a separate bugreport against fonts-freefont to track that.

> I need to mention, that the above patch (adding another udeb to the 
> build) increases the netboot-gtk image (amd64) from 69 to 85 MB!
> Therefore that's probably not an acceptable solution as it is.
> But I think Jonas would be able move the relevant glyphs to another 
> udeb maybe, so that we don't need the whole fonts-noto-unhinted-udeb 
> in the build?

Yes, as soon as (or if at all) I installer team confirms they are ok 
using Noto Gujarati, I include that font in fonts-noto-hinted-udeb.

 - Jonas

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