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Re: Fix references to KDE


Nicholas D Steeves <nsteeves@gmail.com> wrote:
> Replying from my phone.  I think the project now uses "KDE" to refer to a
> combination of the organisation and its developer community.  The project
> now uses the phrase "KDE Frameworks" to refer to the libraries and
> frameworks for the desktop environment.  Finally "KDE" seems to have been
> rebranded "Plasma Desktop"; however, major revisions are sometimes branded
> "KDE Plasma x", where x in an integer.
> I suspect that "KDE Plasma" is meant to signify "Plasma, by KDE" (Eg: by
> the organization and greater Dev community) or maybe symbolically
> "community desktop".
> It might alternatively be transitory branding, eg: it makes sense to keep
> "KDE" for people who know what it is, and add "Plasma" for the new
> generation who only know the DE by that name.
> So I think the change is sensible, although I find it confusing that the
> KDE acronym seems to be in the process of being redefined.  I liked the old
> name: Kopernikus Desktop Environment 😊

It's more a thing of: do we *want* that change? It requires changes in several
places/packages/docu, and one could see it as a sort of 'cosmetic' change:
users will still understand it, even if we leave it at "KDE"), we could also 
judge, it is a wishlist change, not strictly needed.



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