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Bug#911750: Race condition in d-i leading to kernel from security.debian.org to be kept back

Package: debian-installer
Version: 20170615+deb9u4


I just noticed a race condition in d-i, which may lead to a mild
security risk.

When the kernel metapackage (linux-image-<arch>) is initially installed,
APT doesn't install recommended packages, and security.debian.org
repository is not configured yet, so the installer naturally fetches the
latest kernel from the core suite. After APT configuration, and other
repositories and suites are available, debian-installer runs an upgrade;
but if a newer version of linux-image-<arch> is found in one of those
newly available repositories (security.debian.org in this case), it's
not installed because APT refuses to install the recommended packages
(firware-linux-free, irqbalance) to satisfy dependencies, so the kernel
metapackage is kept back.

It won't be installed until the admin runs an upgrade manually, once the
system is booted. This may put it at risk during a certain period of
time between the first boot, and the first upgrade (and reboot).


Raphaël Halimi

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