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#911705 [l10n|gu] debian-installer: fonts broken for Gujarati

I filed this bugreport today, but forgot to add debian-boot as X-Debbugs-CC,
so I'm resending to debian-boot here a copy of the bug text:

Please keep debian-boot in CC

Holger Wansing <hwansing@mailbox.org> wrote:
> Package: fonts-freefont-udeb
> Severity: normal
> I just noticed that Gujarati is no longer unusable, because of broken font
> (all characters replaced by placeholder, see attached screenshot).
> This seems to be related to the new fonts-freefont-udeb package, which 
> replaced ttf-freefont-udeb:
> When I use the ttf-freefont-udeb package from Stretch as localudeb to build
> the netboot-gtk target here locally, Gujarati fonts seem to be fine again
> (see second screenshot).
> Holger

911705: https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=911705

Holger Wansing <hwansing@mailbox.org>
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