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Bug#911560: A20-OLinuXino-Lime 2 Rev. K Ethernet problem - No connection possible in installer

Package: debian-installer

Hello maintainer,

i'm currently trying to install debian on a new Olimex A20 Lime 2 Rev. K.

This board uses a new ethernet-PHY, which seems to be unsupported by
current debian images. (I tried stable, as well as the installer daily
build from 2018-10-21).

The hardware-changelog says:

2. Ethernet PHY changed to commercial variant - KSZ9031RNXCC-TR;

I found bugreport #864562, where it is stated that one could change the
state of GPIO-Pin 17.

That however does not do anything on my board. Ethernet still does not

I'll send syslog / dmesg-output when i get screen to finally save a log.

Thank you and best regards,


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