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Bug#911133: Graphical installer

On Thu, 2018-10-18 at 19:48 +0200, Marcin Juszkiewicz wrote:
> What we probably need is expanding fb-modules udeb for arm64 with
> several entries:
> - radeonfb

We don't build radeonfb for arm64, since it only supports old Radeon
chips (up to about 2004).

For current AMD chips the only native driver is amdgpu; for older chips
it's radeon.  Both of them will need some firmware just to light up the

> - nouveau

This also needs firmware to drive recent chips.  It's possible the
driver can set up the display controller without it though.

> - virtio-gpu (for VM guest instances)
> This should cover real hardware machines with either AMD Radeon or
> NVidia graphic cards and also virtual machines.
> UEFI does not even need to have X86EmulatorPkg to get it working. For
> Radeon cards (not checked with NVidia) kernel can initialize them
> perfectly fine without Option ROM support.
> And for VMs it just works with recent EDK2 used.

I really don't think it makes sense to try to support this case.  It
seems to be that the proportion of ARM64 systems booting with UEFI
*and* using a plug-in graphics card *and* using that card for display
(rather than off-screen rendering or GPGPU) is likely to be vanishingly


Ben Hutchings
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