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Bug#911036: Acknowledgement (partman-lvm: Volume group name "■" has invalid characters, and cannot removed)


 Here's a step to reproduce this bug
1. boot from d-i media and start installer
2. create encrypted LVM volume
3. select "go back" and "Change language" to "Japanese" 
   (or other multi-byte locale)
4. select "論理ボリュームマネージャーの設定 (Configure the Logical Volume Manager)"
    -> "論理ボリュームの削除 (Delete logical volue)" and any volume
5. Got error
6. select "戻る (go back) and "言語の選択/Change language" to "English"
7. select "Configure the Logical Volume Manager"
   -> "Delete logical volume" and any volume
8. you can delete it without error!

Hideki Yamane <henrich@iijmio-mail.jp>

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