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Bug#649575: task-german: I doubt the usefulness of dict in task-german

Fabian Greffrath <fabian@greffrath.com> wrote:
> I doubt that the dict and trans-de-en packages should still be part of a
> default German Debian install, e.g. recommended by task-german. For the desktop
> there is gnome-dictionary installed by default and other users probably don't
> need a dictionary or are either skilled enough to look up in one of the
> powerful web dictionaries (e.g. leo.org or dict.cc) or install the dict package
> on purpose.
> The same is true for the doc-linux-de package, which contains utterly outdated
> HOWTOs and FAQs with regard to system administration. Most of the documents are
> obsolete and for the few pieces of information that still apply, I doubt that
> doc-linux-de is the right package to provide them.

dict and trans-de-en are no packages for the average desktop user IMO
(dict has a CLI client and an old-school xterm client, and trans-de-en itself
is most likely of very little use), so they should removed from the task.

doc-linux: several doc-linux-* packages have been removed from the archive
in the past 7 years, so an update is needed:
	doc-linux-de: 	no longer in the archive
	doc-linux-hr:	no version in the archive since jessie
	doc-linux-it: 	no longer in the archive

Objections against me committing the above?


Holger Wansing <hwansing@mailbox.org>
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