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Don't enable/install accessibility per default


I had posted on 'debian-accessibility' the below e-mail but didn't gain much traction there.

The options "Install with speach" is used to install Debian.

- Volume not loud enuf:

When installing Debian with speach the volume of the voice is not loud enuf even when using espeakup command to increase the volume. That makes it "hard" to hear properly when you are not in a quiet environment.

- Prompt for configuring accessibility:

Accessibility includes speach and brail!

I find myself installing Debian for sited users.
They don't need the accessibility feature(s) to be installed or enabled at boot.

It would be nice if something like the following could be implemented:

Do you want to add support for accessibility?:
1) Configure accessibility but don't start at boot.
2) Do not configure accessibility.
3) Configure accessibility at boot for console.
4) Configure accessibility at boot for login screen.
5) Configure accessibility at boot for desktop manager.

The default value would be: '3 4 5'.

This prompt could be available when the kernel boot parameter 'priority' is set to 'low'.

In other words, using accessibility at install time does not mean that accessibility should be enabled/installed on the installed system.

If you have more questions do not hesitate to ask them! :)

John Doe

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