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D-I Internals manual


today I have committed changes to push the Debian Installer Internationalization 
and Localization Guide (aka d-i internals manual) to www.

I created a new directory at dillon: /srv/d-i.debian.org/www/d-i-internals
for this and added a cron job (actually disabled) to build that daily.
Since it's a really small manual, no real load added to dillon.

Is this ok for you?
Any impacts I forgot, or something could be done better/different?
We could also add a directory like "doc" under www and put all d-i documentation 

And: should we rename "manual" into "installation-guide" now, to reflect the
changed official name? (Ah, there could be many places, which link to the old url.
That's also an argument to not move it into a doc subfolder.)


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