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Bug#849400: debian-installer: LUKS on rootfs and boot

This problem still persists, on DI Buster Alpha 2 and Alpha 3. Working
around this even as an expert is rather cumbersome; one has to play
with the various menu options, partially configuring disks/partitions
etc., to load the necessary cryptsetup components (and dependencies,
like awk for decrypt_derived script), and it cannot be completed via
the installer.

As the submitter notes, having /boot on an encrypted (LUKS) partition
_is_ supported by GRUB and the other softwares.  Simply making
"continue" not do the same as "go back," as was originally suggested,
would be a big improvement.  Without this, one has to setup with an
unencrypted /boot, and then use rescue mode or other knowledge to
encrypt /boot and finalize the setup.  I found no way to proceed to
install with /boot being encrypted.


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