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Re: d-i upload for 8.11 (was: Re: Scheduling final Jessie point release, 8.11)


Adam D. Barratt <adam@adam-barratt.org.uk> (2018-06-18):
> One thing I'd overlooked when scheduling binNMUs for d-i in
> preparation for the point release is that there's been a kernel ABI
> change (actually, two) in opu since the previous point release, so we
> will need a source d-i upload after all.
> KiBi: Is that an easy change? Is it one that you have time to deal
> with currently?

It should be/seems to be. I've just pushed the required change to git
after a quick netboot build with (o)pu enabled; currently performing a
full build on amd64 just to be sure.

What would be an appropriate timetable from your point of view for the
relevant upload? Relatedly: are all changes expected for this final
point release in place already?

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