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Re: debootstrap/1.0.102 appears to break debuerreotype autopkgtest

Hi Tianon,

On 14-06-18 10:19, Ansgar Burchardt wrote:
> The patch for #839046 also disabled --merged-usr for stretch as stretch
> was added to the blacklist in first_stage_install().
> debootstrap should default to non-merged-usr for stretch, but it should
> be possible to enable merged-usr via the command-line parameter to avoid
> the regression in debuerreotype.

It would be nice if you responded to this idea of Ansgar, as the
regression in debuerreotype is currently delaying the migration of
debootstrap. Is the new behavior of debootstrap really bad for
debuerreotype or is it just resulting in a different image which is fine
otherwise for your package?

In the former case, you should file an RC bug in that case to block
debootstrap from migrating until debuerreotype is ready.

In the latter case, you can unblock the migration of debootstrap by
adapting debuerreotype and/or its autopkgtest (and please let me know).
Or, e.g. because you are lacking time, you can tell me that you are fine
with the current regression and I can instruct the migration software to
ignore it (less preferred).

Just to be absolutely clear, if nothing happens, debootstrap will
migrate in 10 days to testing and the new behavior will be the baseline
for autopkgtesting.


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