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Re: Bug#901255: netcfg-static: Unable to configure fe80::1 as a gateway

Bjørn Mork, le mar. 12 juin 2018 13:30:39 +0200, a ecrit:
> But this will:
> frtest3:~# ip route add 2001:db8:f00::1/128 dev eth1

So this is a route, which can be checked for.

> > which is the point of the test AIUI.
> The test is pointless.  There is absolutely no requirement that the
> gateway should be part of any larger on-link prefix or related to any of
> the configured host addresses in any way.

Please scratch from your mind whatever you thought I meant.

What I meant is that a route is needed for that. That is what we can
really check for to provide useful feedback to a user making a typo,
before trying to reach something on the Internet that might just be
randomly off.


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