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Bug#594052: debootstrap: create example /etc/hosts and /etc/fstab?


Hideki Yamane <henrich@iijmio-mail.jp> (2018-06-05):
>  Thank you for your explanation.
>  debootstrap is used to create just not simple chroot but for containers,
>  like lxc, systemd-nspawn, etc., so adding sample /etc/fstab and hosts is
>  better for them, IMO.

There are many things one might want to put inside a /etc/fstab
depending on the system being set up, and the current behaviour (not
listing anything) looks sane enough to me; systemd does the job mounting
many filesystems nowadays, so I'm not sure we need to add anything there.

/etc/hosts already gets contents through netbase's postinst, but only if
it's not present already. Let's not duplicate its postinst?

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