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Bug#900806: console-setup: 'lsmod: not found' during install


Jakob <wearenotalone@freenet.de> (2018-06-05):
> console-setup uses 'lsmod' in config script but does not depend on
> kmod (or a depend package). Thus 'lsmod: not found' messages are
> thrown when installing console-setup on a minbase install.

Thanks for spotting this; I'm not sure there's much harm in there
though, as that's only used to adjust a setting if needed:
| if lsmod | grep -q speakup; then
|     case "$CODESET" in
|         CyrAsia|CyrSlav|Greek)
|             CODESET="Full$CODESET"
|             ;;
|     esac
| fi

A similar thing happens in font-switch.

Interested people could patch those to guard them with a check on lsmod?

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