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Bug#366380: marked as done (installation-guide boot-installer.po)

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and subject line Bug#366380: fixed in installation-guide 20180603
has caused the Debian Bug report #366380,
regarding installation-guide boot-installer.po
to be marked as done.

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Package: installation-guide
Severity: minor
Tags: l10n, patch

boot-installer.po typos etc.

auto:	⑤	Tag: para
Original: ⌘0 From the user's perspective, the most important difference between SRM and ARC is that the choice of console constrains the possible disk-partitioning scheme for the hard disk which you wish to boot off of.

- for the hard disk which you wish to boot off of.
+ for the hard disk from which you wish to boot.

auto:	⑤	Tag: para
Original: ⌘0 Because <command>MILO</command> is not available for any of the Alpha systems currently in production (as of February 2000), and because it is no longer necessary to buy an OpenVMS or Tru64 Unix license to have SRM firmware on your older Alpha, it is recommended that you use SRM when possible.

- as of February 2000

Do we really not have any more recent information?

This also applies to this following string:

auto:	⑤	Tag: para
Original: ⌘0 Thus, three scenarios are generally possible, depending on the system's console firmware and whether or not <command>MILO</ command> is available: <informalexample><screen>\n
SRM -&gt; aboot\n
SRM -&gt; MILO\n
ARC -&gt; MILO\n
</screen></informalexample> Because <command>MILO</command> is not available for any of the Alpha systems currently in production (as of February 2000), and because it is no longer necessary to buy an OpenVMS or Tru64 Unix license to have SRM firmware on your older Alpha, it is recommended that you use SRM and <command>aboot</ command> on new installations of GNU/Linux, unless you wish to dual- boot with Windows NT.

auto:	⑤	Tag: para
Original: ⌘0 The following table summarizes available and supported system type/console combinations (see <xref linkend=\"alpha-cpus\"/> for the system type names). The word <quote>ARC</quote> below denotes any of the ARC-compliant consoles.

- The word <quote>ARC</quote> below
+ The acronym <quote>ARC</quote> below

auto:	⑤	Tag: para
Original: ⌘0 Netwinders have two network interfaces: A 10Mbps NE2000- compatible card (which is generally referred to as <literal>eth0</ literal>) and a 100Mbps Tulip card. There may be problems loading the image via TFTP using the 100Mbps card so it is recommended that you use the 10Mbps interface (the one labeled with <literal>10 Base-T</ literal>).

- interfaces: A
+ interfaces: a

auto:	⑤	Tag: para
Original: ⌘0 To boot a CD-ROM from the Cyclone console prompt, use the command <command>boot cd0:cats.bin</command>

- bin</command>
+ bin</command>.

auto:	⑤	Tag: title
Original: ⌘0 Booting from Linux Using <command>LILO</command> or <command>GRUB</command>

- Linux Using
-Linux using

auto:	⑤	Tag: para
Original: ⌘0 When the installer boots, you should be presented with a friendly graphical screen showing the Debian logo and the boot prompt: <informalexample><screen>\n
Press F1 for help, or ENTER to boot:\n
</screen></informalexample> <snip>

I can't find anything like this in the D-I Level1 file. Where does it occur? It's imperative that this core information be translated.

8. Use of entities
auto:	⑤	Tag: para
Original: ⌘0 Select <command>Boot Maintenance Menu</command> from the menu with the arrow keys and press <command>ENTER</command>. This will display a new menu.

- <command>ENTER</command>
+ &enterkey;

Several strings after this one also use <command>ENTER</command> or simply "enter" instead of &enterkey;

auto:	⑤	Tag: para
Original: ⌘0 Press <command>ENTER</command>. This will load and start the kernel. The kernel will display its usual initialization messages followed by the first screen of the Debian Installer.

This string also doesn't use the &enterkey; entity, but shouldn't it also use an entity for D-I ? &d-i;

- the Debian Installer.
+ &d-i;.

There are following strings which also are missing this entity.

Usage of CD-ROM is not consistent, either. In an early string in the Manual, you state that "CD-ROM" can apply to any CD/DVD disc used, thus establishing it as a defining class. Strings using "CD" or "cdrom" instead of "CD-ROM" will thus confuse the reader. Use of terms must be consistent.

auto:	⑤	Tag: para
Original: ⌘0 These steps start the Debian boot loader which will display a menu page for you to select a boot kernel and options. Proceed to selecting the boot kernel and options.

This doesn't make sense: you're repeating yourself.

- Proceed to selecting the boot kernel and options.
+ Proceed to that menu page.
+ Select the appropriate kernel and options for your system.

auto:	⑤	Tag: para
Original: ⌘0 Select <command>EFI Shell</command> from the menu with the arrow keys and press <command>ENTER</command>. The EFI Shell will scan all of the bootable devices and display them to the console before displaying its command prompt.<snip>

- and display them to the console
+ and display them via the console

Different strings use "ia64" or "IA64". Shouldn't we choose one way of writing it, and stick to that?

For example:

auto:	⑤	Tag: para
Original: ⌘0 A suitable TFTP entry for network booting an ia64 system looks something like this: <informalexample><screen>\n
host mcmuffin {\n
        hardware ethernet 00:30:6e:1e:0e:83;\n
        filename \"debian-installer/ia64/elilo.efi\";\n
</screen></informalexample> Note that the goal is to get <command>elilo.efi</command> running on the client.


Extract the <filename>netboot.tar.gz</filename> file into the directory used as the root for your tftp server. Typical tftp root directories include <filename>/var/lib/tftp</filename> and <filename>/ tftpboot</filename>. This will create a <filename>debian-installer</ filename> directory tree containing the boot files for an IA-64 system.

auto:	⑤	Tag: para
Original: ⌘0 At the GEM desktop, start the Linux installation process by double-clicking on the <guiicon>bootstra.prg</guiicon> icon in the <filename>debian</filename> directory and clicking <guibutton>Ok</guibutton> at the program options dialog box.

- At the GEM desktop
+ In the GEM desktop

- at the program options dialog box.
+ in the program options dialog box.

Neither of these are items local and individual enough to be "at". You can be "at" a prompt or cursor position, but other items are too large or diffuse to be "at". The preposition "at" implies a single point or locus.

This also applies to the following strings:

auto:	⑤	Tag: para
Original:	⌘0	At the MacOS desktop<snip>

auto:	⑤	Tag: para
Original:	⌘0	On the Broadcom BCM91250A <snip>
you can enter the following command on the CFE prompt:

This machine name is used in two forms:

auto:	⑤	Tag: title
Original:	⌘0	s390 Boot Parameters

auto:	⑤	Tag: para
Original:	⌘0	On S/390 you can append boot parameters<snip>

in several different strings. Surely we should use only one way of writing this, to avoid confusion?

auto:	⑤	Tag: para
Original: ⌘0 To boot from the <filename>boot-floppy-hfs.img</ filename> floppy, place it in floppy drive after shutting the system down, and before pressing the power-on button.

- place it in floppy drive
+ place it in the floppy drive

auto:	⑤	Tag: para
Original:	⌘0	To boot from floppy on a Sparc, <snip>
- To boot from floppy
+ To boot from a floppy

auto:	⑤	Tag: para
Original: ⌘0 If you cannot boot because you get messages about a problem with <quote>IDPROM</quote>, then it's possible that your NVRAM battery, which holds configuration information for you firmware, has run out. See the <ulink url=\"&url-sun-nvram-faq;\">Sun NVRAM FAQ</ulink> for more information.

- for you firmware
+ for your firmware

- has run out.
+ has died.
+ is dead.

(This is the usual expression. Batteries don't "run out". They are "empty" [if rechargeable], or "dead".)

The installation report is difficult. I don't want to translate the whole thing, because you won't be able to understand it when you receive it. OTOH, it has to be translated. I've compromised by adding translations to each part: this means the user can understand what s/ he has to do, and you can still make sense of the checkboxes and any info in English.

I have added to the previous para. something like, "If you have trouble writing English, please send your report to (our translation mailing list), and we will translate for you. That way, you'll still get reports, even if they can't write English, and we'll turn it into English. This should make the difference between virtually no reports from our community, and, this release being the first in our language, at least some reports. Possibly quite a few. If I get deluged in Vietnamese Installation Reports, I'll let you know. ;)

Clytie Siddall (vi-VN, Vietnamese free-software translation team / nhóm Việt hóa phần mềm tự do)
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Source: installation-guide
Source-Version: 20180603

We believe that the bug you reported is fixed in the latest version of
installation-guide, which is due to be installed in the Debian FTP archive.

A summary of the changes between this version and the previous one is

Thank you for reporting the bug, which will now be closed.  If you
have further comments please address them to 366380@bugs.debian.org,
and the maintainer will reopen the bug report if appropriate.

Debian distribution maintenance software
Samuel Thibault <sthibault@debian.org> (supplier of updated installation-guide package)

(This message was generated automatically at their request; if you
believe that there is a problem with it please contact the archive
administrators by mailing ftpmaster@ftp-master.debian.org)

Hash: SHA512

Format: 1.8
Date: Sun, 03 Jun 2018 22:41:32 +0200
Source: installation-guide
Binary: installation-guide-amd64 installation-guide-arm64 installation-guide-armel installation-guide-armhf installation-guide-i386 installation-guide-mips installation-guide-mips64el installation-guide-mipsel installation-guide-ppc64el installation-guide-s390x
Architecture: source all
Version: 20180603
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: medium
Maintainer: Debian Install System Team <debian-boot@lists.debian.org>
Changed-By: Samuel Thibault <sthibault@debian.org>
 installation-guide-amd64 - Debian installation guide for amd64
 installation-guide-arm64 - Debian installation guide for arm64
 installation-guide-armel - Debian installation guide for armel
 installation-guide-armhf - Debian installation guide for armhf
 installation-guide-i386 - Debian installation guide for i386
 installation-guide-mips - Debian installation guide for mips
 installation-guide-mips64el - Debian installation guide for mips64el
 installation-guide-mipsel - Debian installation guide for mipsel
 installation-guide-ppc64el - Debian installation guide for powerpc
 installation-guide-s390x - Debian installation guide for s390x
Closes: 344693 366380 397592 692314 864848 865981 868357 869932 871751 880210
 installation-guide (20180603) unstable; urgency=medium
   [ Samuel Thibault ]
   * Reverse extensions of html files for the website: .html.$lang ->
   * Bump release name to buster.
   * control: Bump Standards-Version to 4.1.4 (no change).
   * Document that the boot menu is using the QWERTY keyboard layout.
   * Use https anonscm URL
   * Fix URL for development version.
   * source/options: Ignore .git directory when building tarball.
   * Update some docs to git workflow.
   [ Holger Wansing ]
   * Update Linux Foundation's URL for FHS. Closes: #865981
   * Rephrase sentence to ensure it will be completely converted into po
     format. Closes: #344693
   * Globally use S/390 instead of s390 for consistency. Closes: #366380.
   * Document 255 characters limit for kernel command line. Closes: #397592.
   * Document the installation of sudo, if no root password is given.
     Closes: #692314
   * Icedove was de-branded to Thunderbird (see #816679): related changings.
   * Fix typo in supported ARM devices section. Closes: #869932
   * Remove support for 'ps' output format, therefore remove depends openjade,
     jadetex, ko.tex-base and cm-super as well. Closes: #871751
   * Set forgotten conditions 'bootable-usb' and 'isohybrid-supported' for
   * Remove chapter 'Booting from USB with U-Boot' for armel, is not supported
     there. Closes: #864848
   * Remove "Checked/not checked for <arch>" warnings except for hurd and
     kfreebsd variants. Closes: #868357
   * Fix "ID xxx-yyy already defined" validation errors by making IDs unique
     for the whole manual. Closes: #880210
   * control: Update Vcs fields on migration from Alioth to Salsa.
   * Update files in /doc on git migration.
   [ Martin Michlmayr ]
   * Remove QNAP TS-109, TS-209 and TS-409 as they are no longer supported.
   [ Raphaël Hertzog ]
   * Document the new iso-scan/copy_iso_to_ram feature (see #868900).
   [ Cyril Brulebois ]
   * Fix FTBFS with TeX Live 2018, thanks to Hilmar Preuße (po/ja/).
 cf2b6e0161de31822133315b189f70a40a5bbb25 2844 installation-guide_20180603.dsc
 79494668ec848735d9b46fde40d2506d31078077 9710996 installation-guide_20180603.tar.gz
 ab73e1c9831f262cd4b8c7a6320082dae1fda10d 16651092 installation-guide-amd64_20180603_all.deb
 ff63026c0288ba37c3abef59929c82436e0b85be 15219176 installation-guide-arm64_20180603_all.deb
 4af13fb50dcd04d86a13a56c694d423bdfb1536a 14902720 installation-guide-armel_20180603_all.deb
 a1a2f90366404842072197e678f11f0d54b0bf63 15299048 installation-guide-armhf_20180603_all.deb
 f282a0e97b3a3ceef4349d3325b87dc54e2e43f4 16695128 installation-guide-i386_20180603_all.deb
 255244c1c2b11709bc0660c325935d7b05fe8a4c 14383912 installation-guide-mips64el_20180603_all.deb
 d367f56d9806b41b3b1fa5c92e08b41451818715 14369412 installation-guide-mips_20180603_all.deb
 1b3f0ebe4e1de0c12fbc4eb76a76b753da9434ed 14387832 installation-guide-mipsel_20180603_all.deb
 07687a2ac00949fc875ec6ac1ac03394cedb2601 14679276 installation-guide-ppc64el_20180603_all.deb
 f9da7a1e982438a7ef8576858fa0a5dd112de7dc 13232600 installation-guide-s390x_20180603_all.deb
 07ba3147470b4d8e6ea070d3c0965d6ed7b91441 13800 installation-guide_20180603_amd64.buildinfo
 d9848e05251708dfa22ec1f1cef68f496cb55207d92d5f96ba2f2ef9e22a560c 2844 installation-guide_20180603.dsc
 20a29c81ac333f988901ff179b52f588e7f1178e986cfb458e79aadc68a9802a 9710996 installation-guide_20180603.tar.gz
 4336f52be15605a9cba50bae796e7af55b29b25b5240117246fe0d367b163bdf 16651092 installation-guide-amd64_20180603_all.deb
 c5a63884637632080c1474aa1faddd445ee59a327302a4f268fbed92b42d8d7a 15219176 installation-guide-arm64_20180603_all.deb
 aeea4a2cca1262b175a3012a49370b3922135923e5ba1b77e43246e57b51d2d1 14902720 installation-guide-armel_20180603_all.deb
 60369422b6e00f5daf2a4a2f1351437f0e28dc7f241698665805c1e3b13c10c9 15299048 installation-guide-armhf_20180603_all.deb
 c60be505afe9e742335609819999ca240e470e9abb8077fdd4965080203ae7a1 16695128 installation-guide-i386_20180603_all.deb
 9ef3af13359e5514b6351ccbd97c763ea12601be30f9c522fab666c79d7c4c5d 14383912 installation-guide-mips64el_20180603_all.deb
 977bea528c4030f34ad7ec972b024e38af59967567173a5238614c37efe3d68c 14369412 installation-guide-mips_20180603_all.deb
 2c87e1a7a9f59cd865d05fe0ce24ec0a65c73de57486f45bfd3cc841483b4ac3 14387832 installation-guide-mipsel_20180603_all.deb
 6ee48e5934ae0f05bacc251549871257e4c5ed2c384677eccf08efcc3a54fb68 14679276 installation-guide-ppc64el_20180603_all.deb
 36aa70532e7645e7ecf41aa4c01c87f4a9e83d195c9a1cda2fe6923a861e811b 13232600 installation-guide-s390x_20180603_all.deb
 8d4347d450eb8e96921f2a92915f6039a44096d4f56b64fd487c154f036a810d 13800 installation-guide_20180603_amd64.buildinfo
 9452a61a307b4f45a0e88ef79bc7f313 2844 doc optional installation-guide_20180603.dsc
 690cb24083217d69045bc84541a740c4 9710996 doc optional installation-guide_20180603.tar.gz
 24bddfa7981923b3c976fcc224464c0a 16651092 doc optional installation-guide-amd64_20180603_all.deb
 cc4c11400a1a3c90e98bedf61ac99704 15219176 doc optional installation-guide-arm64_20180603_all.deb
 dd47cb9d575e479d18e75f9dd43f7ddf 14902720 doc optional installation-guide-armel_20180603_all.deb
 06d176027395713ab359eae74a089102 15299048 doc optional installation-guide-armhf_20180603_all.deb
 76a5b7fc27a92b9e3cebdcd56230d488 16695128 doc optional installation-guide-i386_20180603_all.deb
 a1e6bbc91aee379002b6733a16bb8412 14383912 doc optional installation-guide-mips64el_20180603_all.deb
 69eba79ab1799004669f87afc2d59f12 14369412 doc optional installation-guide-mips_20180603_all.deb
 b26a261da51ea47d510fe82d3357eb1b 14387832 doc optional installation-guide-mipsel_20180603_all.deb
 235e7f8737cada0a2f9463687d588df9 14679276 doc optional installation-guide-ppc64el_20180603_all.deb
 39b40b537bffab9254cd4cd2faa54ec7 13232600 doc optional installation-guide-s390x_20180603_all.deb
 174535553bfe8af14ae0d8f0363dae64 13800 doc optional installation-guide_20180603_amd64.buildinfo



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