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Bug#899979: keyboard-configuration: the caron dead-key of the czech keyboard on the console does not work as expected

On Thu, 31 May 2018, Samuel Thibault wrote:
Anton Zinoviev, le ven. 01 juin 2018 00:48:18 +0300, a ecrit:
If a bug makes a package totally unusable, but otherwise harmless,
then this bug is (usually) not going to be fixed in the stable

Mmm, I believe that sentence enters the "important" area, or even more:

4 important       a bug which has a major effect on the usability of a package,
                 without rendering it completely unusable to everyone.

For me, I took a liberty to mark it 'important' just becouse something,
that appeared to work in former Debian releases (console with ability to write czech characters), has suddenly stopped working and I wasnt able to obtain satisfactory results that would mitigate the problem - from that, I thought it would somehow fall under the 'important' definition. But feel free to change...

Now, to my latest post.
I did thorough checking of all the compose definitions I've suggested to add, and have noticed that the following ones still do not produce the
corresponding caron-ified characters as they should - I have no idea why:

compose '^' 'S' to U+0160           # instead produces U+015A  (0xC59A)
compose '^' 's' to U+0161           # instead produces U+00A8  (0xC2A8)
compose '^' 'Z' to U+017D           # instead produces U+00B4  (0xC2B4)
compose '^' 'z' to U+017E           # instead produces U+00B8  (0xC2B8)

All the other compose definitions produce correct results.

If you could also please look for the reason of this.



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