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Bug#899979: keyboard-configuration: the caron dead-key of the czech keyboard on the console does not work as expected

On Mon, May 28, 2018 at 12:25:04PM +0200, Jan Rafaj wrote:
> Anton, thanks for suggesting the workaround. However, adding the kmap
> "snapped" with ckbcomp and hand-modified afterwards as a value to 'KMAP=' in
> the /etc/default/keyboard is not really a workaround, since
> this overrides whatever that the user may have set in the XKBOPTIONS (such
> as grp switching/toggling), effectively leaving her/him with only the
> localised KMAP loaded.

Instead of the command

   ckbcomp cz >cz.kmap

which I suggested in my previous message, you can use something like

   ckbcomp cz dvorak-ucw grp:win_menu_switch lv3:menu_switch >cz.kmap

See `ckbcomp -help` or `man ckbcomp`.

> With all the above said, I've been able to create a (hopefully) complete
> set of all the missing compose defs for the czech letters.

Thanks, this will be useful.

> I think this could be fixed right in the Stretch.

When I have time I will upload a fixed package to Unstable.

I am not sure, but I think only important bugs are fixed in the stable 
releases of Debian.  Unless there is some change in the policies of 
Debian of which I am not aware (which is not impossible, to be 

Anton Zinoviev

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