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Bug#731859: Happens to me on stretch

On Mon, 19 Mar 2018 21:56:21 +0900, Hideki Yamane wrote:
> It was succeeded on my box.

This has bitten me, and I can't find a work around (ie, it fails every

The attached script ("bug-731859-demo.sh") does a nested debootstrap
run.  The outer run sets up a chroot for the  Debian suite passed on
the command line (eg, "stretch"), then runs a nested debootstrap --
variant=fakechroot in that environment.  For me both these fail:

    ./bug-731859-demo.sh stretch
    ./bug-731859-demo.sh buster

They fail in different ways, but the root cause appears to be the same:
 the ldconfig isn't working.  Note that both leave ldd.REAL and
ldconfig.REAL lying around in the nested run.

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