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Bug#849578: task-xfce-desktop: Why you use the vlc player in the task-xfce-desktop meta package?

Control: tag -1 + pending

On Mon, Feb 26, 2018 at 08:37:19AM +0000, Christian PERRIER wrote:
> Once again, I have strictly no advice about this. Formerly in the bug
> report, Yves-Alexis didn't really object but argued about VLC being
> kind of the reference player which "everybody" expects. On the ther
> hand he gave no advice *against* having Parole specifically in the
> Xfce task.
> Finally, as we were late in the release process, the change didn't
> seem a good thing to do at that moment....but now is maybe a better
> moment.
> Xfce developers in Debian (if some are left), do you have objections ?

As there were no objection, I will apply the change  :)

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