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Bug#899251: installation-reports

Package: installation-reports

Boot method: <DVD>
Image version: <May 8; download from jigdo tool and torrent>
Date: <May 14, 2018; 10:00>

Machine: <Generic computer>
Processor: <INTEL dual core>
Memory: <2GB>
Partitions: </dev/sda1 /; /SWAP; /dev/sda5 /home; /dev/sda7 /RESPALDOS; 
/dev/sda8 /RESPASERVER>
Output of lspci -knn (o lspci -nn): < > Base System Installation Checklist: <Marque según sea su caso: Escriba «O» si dicha fase funcionó, «E» si presentó algún fallo y déjela en blanco si no intentó o no usó esta opción.> [O] = OK, [E] = Error (descríbalo a continuación), [ ] = didn't try it Initial boot: [O] <¿Funcionó el arranque inicial?> Detect network card: [O] <¿Se configuró el hardware de red?> Configure network: [0] <¿Se configuró la red?> Detect CD: [0] <¿Se detectó la unidad de CD?> Load installer modules: [0] <¿Se cargaron los módulos del instalador?> Detect hard drives: [0] <¿Se detectaron los discos duros?> Partition hard drives: [0] <¿Se particionó el disco duro?> Install base system: [0] <¿Se instaló el sistema base?> Clock/timezone setup: [0] <¿Se configuró bien la zona horaria?> User/password setup: [0] <¿Se configuró correctamente el usuario?> Install tasks: [E] <¿Se instalaron bien las tareas?> Install boot loader: [ ] <¿Se instaló el gestor de arranque?> Overall install: [ ] <¿Reinició correctamente?> Comments/Problems: <The installation is done with a recently downloaded iso (method used "jigdo"), Debian 9.4.0 i386 DVD, size of the iso 3.5Gb. When copying and verifying the integrity of the checksum was satisfactory.

It  proceeds to install, selection of Spanish language, not analyze other  cd, unselected network configuration, configuration of computer name,  standard user and root, their respective passwords, disk partitioning /  dev / sda1 /; / swap; / dev / sda5 / home; / dev / sda7 / BACKUP; / dev / sda8 / RESPASERVER. Changes are applied.

Do not participate in feedback, do not select network replicas.

Package selection, Desktop environment, standard system, print server, apply the changes.

When it reaches package 1000 it issues an error: "Unable to continue with the installation because some packages are missing".

This error persists when wanting to install the graphic environment in  any way, if we only choose the standard or base system, it ends without  problems.

The iso of 9.4.0 (3.5Gb), I think you need 400Mb in packages (as in version 9.0.0 that has a capacity of 3.9Gb). I have damaged a few dvd trying to get the proper iso, but from the origin it fails.

Please correct, thanks.

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