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Re: Scheduling 9.5

[CC += KiBi]

On Mon, 2018-05-14 at 18:19 +0100, Jonathan Wiltshire wrote:
> We're due a point release any day now. Please indicate your
> availablility
> out of:
>  - May 26th (meaning freeze this coming weekend, which might be a big
> ask)
>  - Jun 2nd (which may require an unusual SRM)
>  - Jun 9th (getting quite a way out of cadence, but maybe that can't
> be helped)

I'm away this coming Saturday, and between May 26th and June 3rd. I
could manage a point release on the 9th, but will not be available to
help with reviews / uploads during the week before freeze (which would
be the weekend of the 2nd/3rd).



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