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Bug#897931: preseed: add tests for additional url= bare host cases

Package: preseed
Version: 20180504
Severity: wishlist

The preseed file I have been using (for quite a few releases now) relies
on the behavior documented at


where if url= does not list a protocol then http is assumed, and does
not end in / then default path is added.

I was trying to debug something and was looking through the preseed
source and realized that package/preseed/01-auto-install.t could use a
couple more test cases:

1) url= with a bare hostname like "url=server.example.org"
2) url= with a bare IP like "url="
3) I guess IPv6 is possible too? "url=fd00:9:152:48:1822:ffff:162:199"
(or maybe it's "url=[fd00:9:152:48:1822:ffff:162:199]"?)


Matt Taggart

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