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cannot exit installer in unattended/preseeded installation launched from live system with debian-installer-launcher


i tried to run the installer from within a live system with preseeds and then to reboot the live system and everything automatically. i got it as far as the installer proceed to finish the installation main-menu item. when looking at what happened, it went to /lib/live/installer/usr/lib/finish-install.d/99reboot from there to /lib/debian-installer/exit and /lib/debian-installer/exit-command and /lib/debian-installer/exit will try to unmount, swapoff, and so and then to reboot. that fails and the main-menu reduces priority and goes to finish the installation main menu itme again waiting for user input and failing thereby to complete the automatic installation.

however, i guess some piece of code like di-utils-reboot.postinst (see [1] or [2]) would actually achieve the installer to exit automatically. but /lib/debian-installer/exit and /lib/debian-installer/exit-command know only three possibilities: reboot, halt, and poweroff. i have no clue how this really fits together. Is there possibly something missing or not optimally aligned and in fact kind of a bug or do i try something not supported or in the wrong way?

i admit i haven't even found out what exact version of all the components involved i'm using. recently downloaded from debian stretch apt repository. now i tried to include exit as a fourth "finish" command in /lib/debian-installer/exit-command and /lib/debian-installer/exit like this:

 db_get debian-installer/exit/always_halt
 [ "$RET" = "true" ] && return 21
 db_get debian-installer/exit/halt
 [ "$RET" = "true" ] && return 21
 db_get debian-installer/exit/poweroff
 [ "$RET" = "true" ] && return 22
+db_get debian-installer/exit/exit
+[ "$RET" = "true" ] && return 11


 case "$CMDN" in
 20) CMD=reboot;;
 21) CMD=halt;;
 22) CMD=poweroff;;
+11) CMD="exit 11";;
 *) echo weird command

i hope one can understand the patch-like notation. a first try to change it like this showed that it actually exited the installer. for that experiment though i had to change the scripts while the installer was running. packaging such a change would be another step. what i still don't understand is how this fits into the big picture with di-utils-reboot.postinst (see [1] or [2]) where the code i hoped for is actually there but i just can't get it executed automatically. more elegant even would probably be to replace the content of 99reboot with a call to di-utils-reboot.postinst. again, this might more express the problem i encountered, while a solution might be quite different.

any suggestion?


[1] https://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/d-i/debian-installer-utils.git/tree/debian/di-utils-exit-installer.postinst [2] https://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/d-i/debian-installer-utils.git/tree/debian/di-utils-reboot.postinst [3] https://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/d-i/finish-install.git/tree/finish-install.d/99reboot [no reference found for] /lib/debian-installer/exit and /lib/debian-installer/exit-command

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