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Re: Curious case of /lib/libkmod.so.2

Small update here. I broke out of the make run and manually invoked mklibs-copy in verbose mode. It turns out that libkmod.so.2 does it fact get copied out of the /lib directory on the system being used to construct the initrd (I guess I must have had that package installed after all). See the highlighted line in the mklibs-copy output here:


The same thing happens with libslang.so.2, a few lines further down.

This behaviour seems very odd and undesirable to me— wouldn't it break the ability to generate an installer for a different architecture? These libraries should be coming from libkmod2-udeb and libslang2-udeb, respectively, right? Should there be a bug filed for this?


On 15 March 2018 at 16:17, Mike Purvis <mpurvis@clearpath.ai> wrote:
Hi d-i developers,

I'm working on an bootloader/installer system for some industrial equipment. Until now, my main interaction with d-i has been grabbing the pre-cooked kernel/initrds from Debian or Ubuntu, and tacking on a few extra files to the tail of the initrd, like preseed, scripts, and an extra udeb or two.

However, I've come to a place where I'd like to have more control over some things (incl exact kernel version) and so I want to generate my own initrd with just the particular udebs I require. I'm basing most of my work on the Makefile here, which details downloading a dependency tree of packages, and creating a bare bones dpkg setup into which they are installed:


My system actually mostly works, but one key file I'm missing is /lib/libkmod.so.2. This file isn't contained within any of the udebs (libkmod2-udeb is just a multi-call binary with no libs), and in fact a little tracing reveals that it springs into existence as a result of the mklibs-copy call which happens here:


Without this lib, systemd-udevd fails to link at runtime (called by the init script), and the kernel panics shortly after boot.

So my main question is, what is going on with the mklibs-copy call? Where are the contents of libkmod.so.2 coming from? They're byte-for-byte identical with the copy in the libkmod2 package, but in a different location, and I don't even have that package installed.

I'm sure there's some silly explanation here that I'm just not seeing, but a I think I need a poke in the right direction to get there. Thanks,


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