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Bug#893154: #893154: installation-reports: pine64+ difficult install

On 2018-03-16, Vagrant Cascadian wrote:
> I'm looking into enabling EFI emulation in u-boot to allow this
> part to "just work" with the current grub-EFI images.

I built a new version of u-boot with EFI emulation support enabled, and
successfully booted the mini.iso, but still have the problems with
missing modules in the installer. These modules were insufficient to get
the USB network adapter to work:

# lsmod
Module                  Size  Used by
ohci_platform          16384  0
ohci_hcd               61440  1 ohci_platform
ehci_platform          16384  0
ehci_hcd               90112  1 ehci_platform
dwmac_sun8i            20480  0
mdio_mux               16384  1 dwmac_sun8i
stmmac_platform        20480  1 dwmac_sun8i
usbcore               274432  4
stmmac                131072  2 stmmac_platform,dwmac_sun8i
ptp                    24576  1 stmmac
pps_core               20480  1 ptp
of_mdio                16384  3 stmmac,mdio_mux,stmmac_platform
fixed_phy              16384  1 of_mdio
fixed                  16384  1
libphy                 65536  4 of_mdio,stmmac,mdio_mux,fixed_phy
sunxi_mmc              28672  0

That could be compared against the list from the initial report to see
if anything obvious is missing.

Interestingly enough, the microSD is detected; there must be differences
in the device-tree that u-boot loads when doing EFI emulation and the
one provided with the kernel package.

live well,

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