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Bug#892206: Seagate: LUMP not started?

Package: debian-installer
Version: 20170615
Severity: important

Some users have reported that they cannot connect to the u-boot on
their Seagate NAS anymore using clunc after installing Debian.

I'll add more information about the investigation Simon Guinot did
later.  We're not sure this really is a bug since all released version
of u-boot should listen for the magic packet (LUMP).  However, there
are version of u-boot that don't automatically do this (probably not
released, but not 100% sure about this).

In any case, we should modify the debian_boot variable so start lump
directly (run start_lump or lump 3).  The only downside is that the
startup prcoess is 3 seconds longer.

I'll add a patch soon and more info to this bug report.

Martin Michlmayr

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