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Bug#879145: net-retriever doesn't pull udebs from the 'unreleased' distribution

clone 879145 -1
retitle -1 backports support

Thank you for your answer. I can understand that you prioritize
backports support. Perhaps we should open a different bug report 
to keep track of the discussion about backports support ?

debian-ports supports seems comparatively easier : there is no
udeb package overlap between the two suites 'unstable' and 'unreleased',
as far as I can see. Some packages in 'unreleased' are arch-specific 
to a non released architecture - and so not in 'unstable'. And the
other packages didn't make their way to 'unstable' because they FTBFS -
modified versions were uploded to 'unreleased'.

Bonne fin d'année à tous !

JH Chatenet

Le vendredi 20 octobre à 11h 32mn 29s (+0200), Cyril Brulebois a écrit :
> Hi,
> jhcha54008 <jhcha54008@free.fr> (2017-10-19):
> > net-retriever pulls udeb packages from one sole suite
> > (the one registered in mirror/udeb/suite).
> > 
> > Non released architectures from www.debian-ports.org may store
> > some udebs in the suite 'unreleased' too. These are currently
> > neglected by net-retriever.
> > 
> > The patch below enables the use of both suites by net-retriever
> > on non released architectures. (A file 'port_architecture'
> > should be created previously by another package, e.g. 
> > choose-mirror-bin. See #879130)
> We still haven't managed to get around to merging support for backports
> over the past few years, but I'd slightly prefer if we could merge it
> first.
> I only have a vague recollection, but ISTR net-retriever was only able
> to perform installations from a single source, and I had to implement
> merging Packages files from stable and stable-backports, which I don't
> see in your proposed patch.
> KiBi.

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