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Bug#885866: libdebian-installer : support of multiple versions in 'Packages' files

Package: libdebian-installer4-udeb
Version: 0.110
Control: affects -1 = anna

Dear Maintainer,

libdebian-installer currently fails when parsing 'Packages' files with
multiple versions of some packages. It results in anna trying to
configure these packages several times and a fatal error.

This error doesn't show up with the patch below applied.

As far as I understand, libdebian-installer parses the stanzas of a 'Packages'
file and store the properties of each package in the fields of a 'package' 
structure. The fields are overwritten when a new stanza describes the 
same package (say, another version) - the last one wins.

libdebian-installer collects references to these 'package' structures in 
two places : a hash table and a slist. 
There is only one element of the hash table for each package. But a new stanza
in the 'Packages' file causes a new pointer to be appended to the slist - even
if the package was already seen.

The patch below avoids appending a seen package to the slist.

JH Chatenet

diff -Naur a/src/packages_parser.c b/src/packages_parser.c
--- a/src/packages_parser.c
+++ b/src/packages_parser.c
@@ -240,7 +240,9 @@
   di_package *p;
   p = di_packages_get_package_new (parser_data->packages, parser_data->allocator, value->string, value->size);
   p->type = di_package_type_real_package;
-  di_slist_append_chunk (&parser_data->packages->list, p, parser_data->allocator->slist_node_mem_chunk);
+  /* Do not append a new version of a seen package */
+  if (!p->version)
+    di_slist_append_chunk (&parser_data->packages->list, p, parser_data->allocator->slist_node_mem_chunk);
   *data = p;

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