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AMD boot error


can you explain me why deb9 setup is not possible
with AMD grafic card Radeon 920?

and why there is in pre config no warning that this card is not

why ?  I am frustrated to use a modern system , which then does not

normally the open box has to start , but there is starting nothing!

i get a login as before 40 years in terminal only time.

your deboan wiki shows many AMD patches.

why dont you write to AMD to release free driver?

and why is freedesktop non-free??


your Wiki , that just copy the ISO file to a usb stick
to boot ist totally wrong

it does not work!

using debian on a usb stick is a desaster!

so you are the prof.

explain me how to use usb stick with grub .

without a HD and without editing BIOS and hard disk boot sector.


the next bad thing:

I use this USB Stick , boot at another PC (not where i installed it,
as it does not work to write the MBR to us i WROT EIT TO hd )

Then comes the grub from the STICK, but it asks me the password from
this another PC and then boots to the wrong !! Debian

this is really cracy and has so much errors

really bad   WIKI and process setup.

so you have to worke their faster now and better  ,or loose more and
more  cities like munic who will sell Linux for ever.


and what is knoppix?

a wild wild and never secure mixing of 
different patches and kernels , boot , non free etc...

he sells this as a secure OS ?
Its a funny mixture , nothing more...


that you dont support firefox KLAR which has more privacy
is not clear.

and of course you should use firefox self made 


with mich less tools ,,functions etc....

firefox can run faster , why is your maintainer sleeping?

gets he money from mozilla ? sniffing around the earth !



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