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Bug#875858: pkgsel: Offer to install/manage unattended-upgrades

Quoting Raymond Burkholder (ray@oneunified.net):
> > 
> > I think its totally adequate to assume people want automatic security
> > updates, on all kinds of systems, unless they opt out.
> Security updates, yes.  Automated, no.  Desktops, maybe.  Servers, no.
> For my infrastructure, updates, of what ever kind, need to be incorporated into the test/build/roll-out cycle.
> Unless I misunderstand the intent of this thread.
> So, as an accommodation,  a flag in the preseed mechanism to enable/disable would be helpful.  But would need to be exposed in maybe the expert mode menus, which I think was already mentioned.

You mean something like:

emplate: pkgsel/update-policy
Type: select
Default: unattended-upgrades
Choices-C: none, unattended-upgrades
__Choices: No automatic updates, Install security updates automatically
_Description: Updates management on this system:
 Applying updates on a frequent basis is an important part of keeping the
 system secure.
 By default, security updates are automatically installed by the
 unattended-upgrades package. Alternatively, you can opt-out from
 this system and apply updates manually using standard package management

pkgsel/update-policy=none thus seem the perfect preseed choice for
your use case.

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