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Bug#883711: pkgsel: should running updatedb really be the default?

On Wed, 06 Dec 2017, Cyril Brulebois wrote:
> This commit looks like something that should be been discussed, rather than
> something I get to discover while preparing the release announcement:

Most of the time when I hear from you, it's for a complaint. You might not
realize, but your mails are very often passive aggressive and (from
first-hand comments I got) they are driving away some contributors. It
would be so much better if you could just start by thanking people for the
work they put into Debian.  Something like this:

« Thanks for your contribution, but I would like to have some discussion
about this feature that you committed. I'm not convinced that ...
because .... What do people think ? »

You tend to write mails that bring to our attention how we did annoy you
in some way. While you might be really annoyed, none of us are doing
anything to annoy you voluntarily.

[ Sorry for this small digression, I don't know if you ever heard such a
complaint but I found it important to let you know my feelings. I hope
it can help you become a better d-i release manager. If not, sorry to have
annoyed you even more. ]

> If you're concerned about users expecting to be able to run *locate without
> waiting for the cron.daily entry, I think it'd be better to have
> implementations mention that the DB is empty and how to initialize it
> instead.

That's certainly a possible improvement. Not one I'm going to pursue
though. I was working on pkgsel and took the opportunity to review
and merge useful Ubuntu changes. This one looked like fine... in
particular because I remembered to have been hit by this in the past.

> I might flip the default to false for the next release, as I don't see why
> every user should pay this price for no obvious gain.

All locate implementations that we have are optional, so they are not
installed by default. They are also not part of any standard desktop task.

Thus it's not a price that every user will pay. Only those that install
those packages.

IMO changing the default value means the entire feature is useless, you might
as well revert the commit in that case. I will not be offended by such a

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