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Re: Epochs in git tags (was: apt-setup_0.132_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable)

Quoting Cyril Brulebois (kibi@debian.org):

> As usual, thanks for the l10n-related uploads.
> However, when changing the way you tag stuff in git, please discuss or
> at least coordinate these workflow changes. Some of our tools currently
> assume epochs are not represented in git tags, which breaks at least
> l10n stat computing, but maybe other things as well.

Sure, but.....as far as I know, I didn't change anything in my usual

I mostly use:

git add debian/changelog ; debcommit -a --release ; git push ; git push --tags

whenever I upload a new release for a package and, this, for months,
if not years.

Has something else changed elsewhere to explain that his suddenly
started to become a problem?

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